“Break Free” TOO

“Break Free” TOO is episode 10 of “Live Free” stand up comedy series. We are born to be a LION and to conquer the world. We are not born to be a mouse and be scared of everything. “Break free” from fear and conquer the world.


Break Free

“Break Free” is episode 9 of “Live Free” stand up comedy series. I am a caterpillar, trying to break out of my  cocoon to be a butterfly. “Break Free” baby!


Android 6.0 Smart Phone Giveaway And Website Launch!

Hello to all of my funny friends! I am so excited to announce the launch of my new website, and really appreciate all the support of my fans around the world! I could never have made it this far without you all! To show my appreciation, I bought a brand new International Unlocked Android Smart Phone to giveaway free to 1 randomly-selected and lucky fan! Do not worry, this is not a joke! I will even pay for shipping to anywhere in the world! Check out the full phone specifications here! It is the 16GB storage, 2GB RAM, NO ADS model with Android version 6.0! Check out the video I made about it above! Pretty sweet, eh? If you would like to take a shot at winning it, take a very quick moment to get excited and LIVE FREE!!!




Episode 3: After Party

“After Party” is episode 3 of “Live Free” stand up comedy series. The only party you want to get invited to is the “After Party” When you wake up in the middle of somebody’s breakfast, you know you had a great “After party” If you don’t remember what happened last night then you had a great “After party”